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You can contact our local teams in Brittany, according to the place you are arriving by plane/by rail or what you plan to visit.


Entrust us to plan and organize your next travel in group, for a day-trip or a several days journey!

Bus transportation, restaurants, hotels, tours, shows and excursions: we can book everything for you, whether you are members of a pensioners’ association, a Works Council, a school or a fraternity.

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Bus depots : Saint- Brieuc , Dinan, Lannion

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We offer a range of buses driven by experienced drivers for your local or regional trips in group.

Have a look at our Premium buses in which you can enjoy exceptional comfort, air conditioning and internet onboard by WiFi hotspot!

We can also offer tour packages tailored to your needs, at the best price and meeting the highest safety standards.

Bus depots : Brest, Quimper, Morlaix, Lesneven, Châteaulin, Lanvéoc and Carhaix

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Our team can help you to travel to any destination, by providing a bus  with a professional driver and by organizing tours for groups:
- School trips
- Works Councils, associations of retired persons, sport teams
- Transfers from/to airports or railway stations
- Conferences and seminars
- Private events and parties.

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Bus depots : Rennes, St Malo, Fougeres

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From Morbihan, discover our bus transportation offers for groups in Brittany and Western France!

Whatever is your need, do not hesitate to contact us. We can provide services for school or fraternity trips, private events and full tour packages.

Our sales team is at your disposal to advise you and setting up the best solution according to your needs.

Bus depots : Vannes , Lorient, St Nazaire

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You want to travel between major cities in France ?
You can also try the new service of Transdev: Isilines !

Transdev has locations across France and Europe, enabling us to provide assistance in all your travels with us.

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